Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I am not really that mean...

The religious holidays and festivities of the new year have all evolved into a cross cultural and global icon of what I say is the "holiday season." I love it!

There is lots of love in the air, I need that, we need that. I am a very generous person but I have a hard time giving gifts to children. I do not like to spoil children and I see the majority of parents spoiling the kids. I see children expecting gifts, they think adults are mandated to buy them gifts. Well not me, I make sure I upkeep my respect.

For example, guess what happens to spoiled kids this day in age??? Children get addicted to sugar at very young ages, they play on the computer, they do not play sports, and hence, we have a world of obese children. Furthermore, these obese children turn into obese adults. Subsequently, obese adults add to the statistics of heart disease, and diabetes, etc etc.

Is it worth it to spoil kids? I think not.